Trust and Safety

Initial Vetting by Angelfund team


  • Angelfund would request a business proposal from the Proprietary Owner (PO) for the team perusal.
  • Projects/products that do not have a reasonably good business proposal would not be uploaded.
  • Items that do not comply with the house rules will not be selected.
  • However, angelfund does not scrutinize the project fully and does not take any responsibilities on the project that are eventually posted.
  • The identity and contact of PO will be transparently revealed.
Ensure Proposal Comply With House Rules
Ensure Proposal Comply With House Rules

Due Diligence by the Funders


  • It is the sole responsibility of the funder to do a due diligence on the person and the projects that you want to fund.
  • Funders are encouraged to read the synopsis of the project and their brief business plan.
  • Interactive webpage with PO for any Q&A.
  • Would encourage to do some background check on the PO and the viability of the project/product.

Campaign by the Proprietary Owner (PO)


  • Have high level of integrity and trustworthiness in promoting your product/project.
  • Be transparent and responsive to the feedback.
  • Ensure to deliver/perform whatever that is promised in the campaign video.
  • Ensure product/project is safe to the user.
  • Obtain all the necessary safety and health certifications if required.
  • Be responsible for the product/projects and to ensure successful completion.
Trustworthy and Integrity
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